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All about Air Alizé Actuality.

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Nice Picture of the bridge of Mouli located in Ouvéa island in New-Caledonia.
Picture taken from our Beech200 F-OIAN during a medevac mission.

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Flight Operations

Beautiful day to perform our crew recurrent trainings.​

Cessna Citation CJ4

Nouméa-Magenta Airport

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  • Sunset enroute Sydney for a medevac flight with our CJ4 F-ONCP.

  • Less than 3 hours of flight are required between Nouméa and Sydney. Thanks to its engines (Williams FJ44-4A), the CJ4 has a maximum altitude of 45 000 ft cruising at over 430 kts.

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Engines Rinsing

  • Did you know that once a week, for about 1 hour, on each of our aircrafts, we perform rinsing in the turbines of our Beech and our Citation.


  • Why ? Operating in terrain mainly near the coast surrounded by saline air and strong winds throughout the year, this cleaning procedure avoids the stagnation of marine salt deposits which could lead to losses of power over the time.


On this picture, Here is one of our technician injecting a liquid in the turbine of the Citation CJ2+ F-ONYY.

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Air Alizé, whose specialty is medical evacuation, has two main mission sectors: MEDEVACfor the Caledonian SAMU and international MEDEVAC. 


Today, let's take a look at the emergency medical flights carried out on behalf of the SAMU.

There are two types:

- the medicalized flights, requiring a medical escort generally made up of a doctor and a nurse

- non-medicalized flights, which do not require a complete medical escort but an attendant for the patient during the whole flight.


Depending on the patient's vital prognosis, our crews are able to take off in only 30 minutes between the call from the EMS and the flight.

To do so, we have developed powerful computer tools that help us to considerably reduce the preparation time of a mission and to prepare the flight from a technical point of view (flight plan, Load sheets, Weather, NOTAMs etc.) and from an administrative and operational point of view (flight authorizations, assistance at destination, ambulances etc.).

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