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Medical Evacuation, Our Specialty

  • Our experience in emergency medical flights

Air Alizé has been operating medical evacuation flights in the Pacific since 2005.  Initially, they were mainly in the New Caledonian archipelago and subsequently throughout the South Pacific region.

Based at the Nouméa-Magenta aerodrome, Air Alizé is located just 10 minutes from the main hospitals and clinics in New Caledonia.

Most of the companies carrying out Medevacs, in the region in which we operate, do not have their own planes and outsource this part of the mission to third parties. We are proud to be an airline that not only owns but also operates our aircraft specifically dedicated to emergency medical flights.

Our fleet, of 4 varied planes, allows us to carry out all types of missions, ranging from unpressurised flights on short unpaved runways to international high-altitude jet flights in very busy airspaces such as Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

Our Ground Operations department provides 24/7 support in-flight preparation, in-flight assistance and the coordination of all the services necessary for the accomplishment of a mission, allowing us and guaranteeing you a departure within 2 hours between flight confirmation and take-off for most destinations.

Air Alizé key dates and figures:

- Since 2006 we have made our planes and crews available to carry out SAMU flights throughout the Territory of New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands. This contract represents an average of 700 flights per year.
- In 2009 Air Alizé won the Wallis and Futuna health agency's call for tenders for medical evacuations between Wallis and Nouméa and has since been their exclusive provider of Aircraft Ambulance carrying out an average of 25 missions per year.
- In 2011 Air Alizé was selected by the Social Security of New Caledonia (CAFAT) to operate emergency medical flights from Nouméa to Sydney. Since then, we operate an average of 1 to 3 flights for the CAFAT per week, which represents approximately 80 to 110 missions per year.
- Air Alizé has been working for almost 10 years now with Travel Insurance (World Travel Protection, First Assistance, On Call International, etc.) allowing them to evacuate their nationals from any island in the South Pacific to Australia and/or New Zealand. We carry out around sixty missions per year on behalf of these insurers.

In summary, Air Alizé has operated around 880 medical evacuation missions a year for more than 15 years.  This makes us and our operations, experts in the field of Air Ambulance.

  • Our partnering medical teams

We have very knowledgeable and experienced medical teams of doctors and nurses who are available 24/7 and ready to take off in 2 hours on any type of medical emergency.

High-end technical equipment is selected and loaded onboard depending on the patient's pathology (Scope Monitor, Respirator, Electronic Ventilator, Neonatal Incubator, Defibrillators, etc.)

Our medical teams are made up of emergency doctors and nurses, anesthetists and resuscitators who speak French and have a sound level of technical medical English.

Wishing to guarantee the care of our patients in the best possible conditions, we subcontract the medical service to two partner companies of Air Alizé specializing in medical evacuation:


- EuropAssistance New Caledonia -
- Emergency Medical Care Pacific (subsidiary of International-SOS) -

local eap 2.png
local eap.png
  • New Caledonian healthcare establishments

New Caledonia has medical standards similar to European, Australian or New Zealand hospitals according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

All medical specialties are available and practicable in New Caledonia. Indeed, all doctors and nurses working in public and private Caledonian hospitals have licenses and diplomas from the largest and most prestigious French schools.

If a patient is clinically too unstable to be transferred directly to Australia or New Zealand, we can accommodate them at the Noumea Medipole (CHT in New Caledonia) or at the Kuindo-Magnin Clinic (private clinic in New Caledonia. )

This choice can be a very attractive financial option for patients requiring a high level of care and support but not requiring the services of tertiary hospitals in Australia or New Zealand. Many types of patients can be admitted and stabilised in the New Caledonian structures before being able to return home by commercial flight.

The Noumea Medipole


The Noumea Medipole is the benchmark public health establishment in New Caledonia and benefits from all the most advanced technologies in terms of hospital equipment. It is HQE (High Environmental Quality) certified. This Territorial Hospital Center employs 2000 people including 250 doctors and surgeons and more than 900 nurses and paramedics. Its wide range of specialties (Intensive Care Unit, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Hyperbaric Chamber, etc.) spread over its 90,000m².  This allows a capacity of 40,000 hospitalisations per year, 58,000 medical consultations and up to 60,000 emergency visits.

The facilities of the Noumea Medipole:

  • 8 Operating Rooms

  • 1 Operating Hall with 4 tables dedicated to orthopedic surgery

  • 528 beds 

  • 24 Beds in the Intensive Care Unit

  • 8 Beds in the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit

  • 1 Resuscitation Unit

  • 1 Obstetrics Unit and 2 Operating Rooms dedicated to this service

  • 2 Scanners

  • 1 MRI

  • 1 Coronary Angiography Unit

  • Several medical analysis laboratories

For more information, please visit their website:

The Kuindo Magnin Clinic

clinique magnin.jpg

The Kuindo-Magnin clinic combines the three former private healthcare clinics in Noumea. There is a total area of ​​approximately 24,000m², 219 beds for medical intervention, surgery and maternity and 50 beds (reserved) for follow-up and rehabilitation care. There is a staff of around 400 to provide care, administration, maintenance and cooking, follow-up and rehabilitation care, as well as a great number of liberal doctors. This modern, well-equipped healthcare clinic meets a state-of-the-art level of care.

The Clinic's equipment:

  • 1 Balneotherapy

  • 1 Medical Analysis Laboratory

  • 2 Scanners and 1 MRI

  • 7 Delivery Rooms

  • 12 Operating Rooms

  • 16 Dialysis Stations

  • 12 Intensive Care Beds

  • 24 Places in the recovery room

  • 33 Ambulatory Care Beds

  • 161 Hospital Beds

  • 50 Rehabilitation beds

  • 1 Emergency Service 7/7

For more information, please visit their website:

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