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Created in 1996, Air Alizé is a French airline based in Nouméa, Magenta Airport, New Caledonia. It holds a French air operator certificate (n ° FRA.AOC.0094), an Australian air operator certificate (n ° CASA .129.AOC.0067) and a distinction issued by the International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO n ° 140005).


With 25 years of experience and specialised in Medical Evacuation flights, Air Alizé is now the leader in emergency medical flight missions throughout the South Pacific basin due to its strategic geographical position between 'Australia, New Zealand and the surrounding archipelagos'.


Meeting JAR-OPS aeronautical standards in all our activities we prioritise the safety and comfort of our passengers as well as the efficiency of our flights.


The performance of our aircrafts allows us to reach airports not served by regular flights throughout the South Pacific and always prioritising safety and speed.

Our Fleet is made up of 3 Beechcrafts 200 BE20, and 1 Cessna Citation CJ2 + C525A

We are also at your disposal for private flights, company shuttles and urgent cargo flights.

Zone d'action
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French AOC


  • An Air Operator Certificate is an agreement delivered to an airline company in order to operate public transport flights. This document, issued by the air transport supervisory authority, attests to the company's ability to ensure safe flights.

  • Air Alizé holds a AOC since its creation while the company started its activity for MEDEVAC in New-Caledonia.

Nos certificats

Australian AOC

CASA.129 AOC.0067

  • Regularly operating flights in all regions of Australia, Air Alizé has requested an Australian AOC  related to foreign operators.

  • Responding to the same standards and standardizations in terms of operations and safety, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has issued a Foreign Air Transport Air Operators Certificate (FATAOC) to Air Alizé which is renewed every year.

  • This Air Operator Certificate facilitates flight authorizations in any Australian territory, thus considerably reducing administrative delays in the context of our medical missions.


IS-BAO #667

  • International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations is a distinction delivered by the International Business Aviation Concil airlines that apply industry best practices by challenging them to review and compare their safety-related policies, processes and procedures, and then make improvements, elevating them to the worldwide standard for business aviation.

Certificate PART-145


  • A Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate PART-145 is delivered by the Organisme pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile to an aircraft's maintenance base allowing it to realize aircraft maintenance of products, parts and equipments of these.

  • This ceritificate enables the workshop to issue recommendations and airworthiness review certificates for the aircrafts listed in their schedule.

Certificate PART-M


  • A Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation Approval Certificate is delivered by the Orgnisme pour la Sécurité de l'Aviation Civile. This certificate enable our workshop to manage the continuing airworthiness of our aircrafts. 

  • This ceritificate enables the workshop to issue recommendations and airworthiness review certificates for the aircrafts listed in their schedule.

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