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Fly with confidence

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Our Workshop

  • Air Alizé has an aircraft maintenance site with a maintenance organization approval certificate (PART-145)  n°FR.145.0353, a continuing airworthiness management organisation approval certificate (PART-M) n°FR.MG.0075 and the “I” privilege allowing us the renewal of a CDN and the extension of a CEN.

  • The aircrafts are monitored by a highly qualified team of technicians B1, B2 and C.


Did you know  we have a stock of aircraft spare parts (PA31 and BE20) available for sale through The StockMarket Aero. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Our Ground Operations

  • The ground operation's department and operation's officers take turns to respond to your requests and coordinate day and night missions.

  • Their valuable experience ensures rigorous and precise flight preparation and monitoring.

  • Their adaptability allows them to cope with any unexpected situation and to assist the crew on a stopover or mid-flight anywhere in the world.

Op Sol
Op Vol
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Our Flight Operations

  • 11 Pilots including TRI / TRE on all of our aircrafts provide on-call duty 24/7/365, being ready to take off at any time.

  • Our pilots train regularly by alternating sessions on a simulator and on an airplane, allowing optimal performance by always putting flight safety at the forefront.

  • Evolving in tropical and temperate climatic zones, our pilots are used to flying in difficult weather conditions with unforeseen changes.

  • This broad area of ​​expertise allows pilots to tailor their flights to ensure flawless safety and comfort.

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